About infoWire.pl

infoWire.pl is an innovative news agency and provider of media wire service. We are focused on media in Poland, providing support in press releases and valuable content distribution.

We've been on the market for 20 years and during that time we have developed unique techniques which are increasing the credibility of the content sent via infoWire.pl, which makes them easier to be noticed and used by journalists.

The standard service does not include the translation of information into Polish. We can offer translation for constant cooperation.

Multimedia attachments

Support your content with multimedia, including video clips. Video files can be shared in high definition TV standard, up to 2GB. Web service will encode videos to web standards, which makes them easy to reach by your receivers.

Search engines and SEO

infoWire.pl ensures greater visibility of your content in search engines. It provides high-speed services, page uploads, even with multimedia attached. Links in the publications will remain active as long as your account will stay active.

Press offices and newsrooms

If you want to be more credible in Poland we will offer You, company press office or newsroom solutions - 17 languages and advanced functionality with own contacts data gathering, designed to meet GRPR requirements. Interested? Write to us.

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